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On the outside:The only ones with microdots, pressed with 100 tons of power, giving a perfect vertical alignment by compact material. With finishing touch in a golden color, they are made following milesimal measures, tolerance and technical specifications based on a sample and original blueprints.
From the inside:With certified raw material and completely made by mechanical CNC. Pinions -applying a specialised thermic treatment in order to achieve a greater resistance power to the extended friction with the chain.

GEARS AND AXES (gear box)

The suppliers guarantee, by certificates, the unalterable quality of these materials. The steel used always contain the exact resistance to obtain a greater durability, the properties of the alloys are faithful to the original specifications. In order to answer the exigencies of both national and international markets, not only is machining required but also the exact strength of two zones, superficial and of penetration.
The conjunction of the good materials, the machining and then the thermic treatment is the fundamental bases of a spare part with distinctive characteristics as regards quality and durability.


CONNECTING RODS: of national manufacture FORGED in steel SAE, CEMENTED and COPPER PLATING for a greater durability.
MUNION:SILVER colour cemented Premium
We have a wide variety of series including: water, sky and earth. Water skies (Watercraft), aviation engines and motorcycles. These ones with a great variety of trademarks and models.
All the kits have cages SYICO, ISO 9100 quality and OEM used by two of the best Japanese trademarks for the construction of their engines. Essential for a set of connecting rods of high durability.


In these kits it is outstanding the finishing touch and assembly as well as the controlled thermic treatment in factory with trials of core and penetration of hardness in Rockewell c escale. Applying a centring system, a better balancing and a high performance is achieved, which will be reflected in durability. All these kits are made with jails KT, quality KV: SYO CO and 9001 ISO/ts 16949. Combining materials, elements, technical knowledge and machining an excellent kit of prominent performace is accomplished.

Company: Decades of Evolution

A spare part motorbikes factory has a special interest because despite the fact that what they produce is –from the external side – no more than a metal made of a grey colour, in the inner side, it hides an enormous technological arsenal with a complex manufacture that includes more than 100 different processes.

Alen Creuso is especially proud that from its lines high quality products are released; and that then different assembly factories use these products to manufacture their motorbikes, and that they cater for the storing market as well as dealing with the export segment.

These days, the way of working within the company has changed a lot, achieving excellence in the manufactured products.

Alain Creuso (partner) says “In 40 years, this has changed a lot, we started working with manual machines and now everything is done with automatism and PC controllers, each year there appear new technological challenges and we adapt to them”. “Mostly at the technological level there has been a great evolution” Alain Creuso claims without a doubt.” “One compares how we worked in the past and how we work now and there are no similarities, the new technologies increase the quality of the product” and despite the fact that this change, as Alain Creuso considers it, produces a kind of “nostalgia”, it is a feeling experienced with a pinch of joy for the achieved goals. “I am not one of those people who think that the old times were better, but that we have learned from that and now we know more things, which together with the technology and the operative capacity make our products better than in the past.”

Warehouse 1

Warehouse 2

Report in the television program of Gustavo Morea, about the Alen Creuso factory


Quality: an undeniable feeling

Our mission, even today as in the past, is manufacture products of quality, that later will be distributed in the internal storing market, as well as covering the export segment.
We are happy that this new stage is a continuity of work, and the incorporation of new technologies, so as to be on a par with a product that gives us prestige.
We know that our goal to produce with quality, and that becoming an undeniable feeling, not only for us, but also for all the clients who ask for the Alen Creuso trademark.

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